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FAQ - the questions you ask the most!

Q: First thing's first. Are you going to continue with this site?
A: Yeah, of course. I'm not putting two and a half years of hard work to waste. :-) This site will be staying in tribute of the band and as a big resource for everything to do with Busted.

Q: But you never update!!! :(
A: I know, I know! I'm terrible! :( Unfortunately life has very much taken over, well, my life lol, but I do try to update! I really miss this place! :(

Q: Now the most important question evahhhh. Do Busted have girlfriends?
A: Matt is married to TV presenter Emma Griffiths and as of July 2009 they have a baby daughter called Isabelle.
Charlie has an on/off relationship with childhood sweetheart Camilla Smith. Honestly, I don't know if they're together right now. Fightstar's second album was written based on their break-up, but I've heard rumours since that they are back together.
As for James, he is with a girl in America called Gabriela, who is in a band called Avenue B with her two sisters.
So in short, they're all taken, sorry ladies!

Q: Why did Busted split up?
A: After much speculation and a lot of denials from Busted since Charlie joined Fightstar in December 2003, he sadly decided that it was time to leave Busted at the end of December 2004. They had always said they would split up if one of them left, and on January 13th 2005, Matt and James agreed not to carry on in a "shadow of Busted", so the three called an emergency press conference for the following day to announce that Busted was officially over.
Along with all the fans, James and Matt are absolutely devastated by his decision, but they have insisted that they respect it.
The reason behind Charlie's decision is that Busted's management forced him to choose between Busted and Fightstar, and although Charlie had made it very clear that his heart lay with Fightstar, he had a very difficult few days making a decision because he really didn't want to leave Busted either.

Q: Will they ever get back together?
A: No.
Okay, that was a short answer lol. Matt and James have been working together a little bit, whether anything will come out of it is another matter. But there will never be a Busted reunion. I'd like them to do a one-off charity gig or something, but that's probably as far as Charlie would ever let it go.

Q: What are they doing now?
A: Charlie is still with Fightstar, and they are enjoying quite a lot of success.
James is now in America writing songs for various artists, as well as working on solo material under the pseudonymn "Future Boy", which focuses more on an electronic sound, and his band called Call Me When I'm 18, who are similar to SOD and Busted.
Matt does occasional TV presenting with his wife, Emma, mostly on I'm A Celebrity on ITV2, as well as various award shows, etc. He also DJs in clubs fairly regularly, and is currently working on material with a new secret band.

Q: Busted said they'll do something as a goodbye present for the fans. What do you think it'll be?
A: There was a rumour that it was going to be a greatest hits CD, but Charlie didn't agree to it or something - no idea if that's true though. It's obvious that nothing is going to happen now, unfortunately. But here's my ideal present - a dual disc CD.
CD1 - all the singles plus some b sides.
CD2 - fans' favourites (songs like That Thing You Do that weren't released) aaand brand new tracks.
Enhanced section - videos of all the songs they didn't perform on the first arena tour (Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Psycho Girl, acoustic set, Meet You There, Over Now, Falling For You, maybe Why because apparently Charlie completely changed it).

Q: Where can I write to them?
A: I'm afraid I don't have a clue any more when it comes to addresses. You can find Matt and James on Twitter, while Charlie goes on the AbsolutePunk.net forum regularly, but I wouldn't encourage bombarding him with messages. :P

Q: Let's hear about you. Who's your favourite member?
A: Honestly? I love all three of them. James inspired me to write songs and play guitar, which has effectively saved my life, Matt is one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and I adore Fightstar.

Q: What's your favourite Busted song?
A: Too many. Sleeping With The Light On is one of my favourite songs of all time, so I have to say that. Then there's Better Than This, Fake, Everything I Knew... and that's just album tracks.

Q: Okay, favourite b side?
A: Original - Last Summer. Cover - Fall At Your Feet.

Q: Son Of Dork, Fightstar or Matt?
A: Fightstar! Or Matt. Or SOD... nah, I'm kidding. Not SOD. Sorry, James.


I've read on a forum somewhere before, that if Charlie go back to Busted, it would ruin the reputation and respect gained from his fans. This is what they said. But I seriously want him to think about this, what about the respect from Busted's fans?
Do you really think he's going to wreck his reputation after he's been working to build it up for five years? Some people STILL don't take him seriously, but the majority of people do now, and I saw how much of a struggle it was for him to get away from the Busted association. I'm pretty sure it means more to him to have respect from the scene he's actually part of, as opposed to the one he's left behind, if that makes sense. Aside from that, he's genuinely enjoying himself with Fightstar, but he wasn't with Busted (at least, nowhere near as much as he is now), so there's no reason for him to go back.
And if you want me to be honest, I don't WANT him to go back to Busted. As much as I was devastated when they split up, it wouldn't be the same any more. :(

Did Charlie really leave Busted because he is content with the music he's making? Or did they have a big fight, like one that will never make them friends again? I just thought it to be like that because there's no way a guy is willing to push away all the fame that had been devoured on him just like that! -solidghost-
Some people just don't like fame and everything that comes along with it. Charlie's quite a private person, and obviously he was being followed everywhere he went, doing a lot of cringey interviews, going on children's TV shows... all for music he wasn't even hugely into.
It just wasn't his scene and when he formed Fightstar, he found that he was a LOT happier doing that.
I think after he quit, he did fall out with both James and Matt, although Matt is way over it now. They don't see each other much, but they're friends. As far as I know, he and James have hardly spoken. But that's not what caused the split, that's what the split caused. :P

who are the members of busted?
Well, technically, there are none any more. :P Officially, it was James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson, and on tour they had Damon Wilson drumming. I do kind of consider him a member, even if he wasn't full time.

Why arnt there any matt willis intrviews up??? :(
On this website? I'll look into that and get it sorted as soon as I have time! :) He hasn't done any interviews for a couple of years though, which is really sad.

Hey Clazz. A few years ago a song surfaced by some Chinese/Japanese band who had blatantly copied, I think it was, 'Losing You'. I remember they also copied Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boy. Do you know what the song was called or where I can listen to it? Thanks!
Oh my God. I was reminded of this recently. I can't find it ANYWHERE, this is bugging the hell out of me!
FOUND IT! It was a Chinese band called Hua'er (which is Chinese for Flowers) on an album called Xi Shua Shua. The rip-off of Busted was called 'Missing You'. You can listen to it here. :)

hi i was looking to get tickets for looserville the muscial and it said that james has had 18 consecutive top 3 singles when he has only released 12 singles can u shed sun light on that for me
It's including the McFly singles that he co-wrote. :)

has james bourne ever been to Australia
I don't have a clue, off-hand I know that Charlie and Matt have been, but I'm not sure about James, to be honest.

Have Son of Dork officially split up yet?
I don't think they ever made an official announcement, but every one of them is in different bands and not even looking back at Son Of Dork. So I'd take that as a yes. :P

Do you think the secret drummer for james\'s new band 'call me when im 18' could be matt willis seeing as he was the very first busted drummer?
Hmmm... well I know that the two of them have been working together, but I doubt it, to be honest. James is in America and Matt's in the UK with a wife and daughter, so I doubt he'd have the time. Interesting theory though. :D

why isn't charlie invited to matt's wedding?
I didn't know whether he was or not. I guess they don't see each other much any more, or something.

The videos on this website has like gone out of date or something they dont work, and id really like to see them like the 1st time busted saw their single etc, can you please put it on youtube :D Share the busted lurrve! x
Brilliant idea! I'll start doing that. :D

do you guys have any picture of charlie's gf,camilla?
Why did Charlie join Fightstar?
He formed the band with Alex, because he wanted to do something different. Initially though, it was just for fun.

where are busted living now 2008?
Charlie and Matt are in London, James is in LA.

how many songs have busted produced ?
I'm sure there are PLENTY that we haven't heard. I have a full list here.

Do you know any Noise Next Door websites? (Besides the official)
Erm, no. :P Google is your friend. ;)

Busted may have won but Ki and Owen are apprealng as the Judge seems to have misunderstood what havng a CONTRACT means. It is interesting to note that two of the record company people have ALREADY settled out of court, and paid then money, clearly admitting they we are at fault. Some people, and this means record company executives, not band members have the potential to be going to jail over some of the bad practices that have been goning on here. Lets wait and see what the appeal brings.
Hmmm, see the reason they lost the court case is on the grounds of not enough evidence, stories changing slightly, etc. Obviously I don't know the situation, but would they have a contract with the record company? I was under the impression they had left the band before Busted got a record deal. Regardless of ANYTHING, I don't think Matt and James were the right people to take to court. They're not in the right legal position, it should have been directed at the record company / management.


what was the verdict in the legal case?
Busted won, although Ki and Owen have filed an appeal. Whether anything has come of this, I don't know, but I haven't heard anything and that was last summer or something.

Is Son of Dork getting back together?
I doubt it. :P

Hi clazz, i just wanted to know why busted gallery (coppermine) doesen't work. Thanks
I have no idea, to be honest. :-/ I keep meaning to get round to looking at it and updating it. I might have to install a whole new system, I'm not very good with big scripts like that! lol

first single of busted
What I Go To School For.

what do you think of a reunion?
This might be a little controversial, but I don't want a reunion. Why? Because a) it just wouldn't be the same, and b) Charlie's just spent five years gaining a reputation in the rock scene. If he went back to Busted, all that work would be for nothing because no one would take him seriously again.
I am, however, very excited about Matt and James working together, I really hope something does come of it.

Can you please upload the Matt Willis interview in Bliss, the one where he tells that Charlie left on Christmas Eve please?
I'll have a look around for it, I have a feeling I don't own a copy myself. I just remember reading the interview somewhere.

how do i get hold of the official 2003 calandar that you have?
Unfortunately it's one of the things I don't have. :( The Busted street team gave it away to several people, I was supposed to be one of them but I never received it! :( That's the only place I've seen it, it was never for sale in shops as far as I know.

how would i get all busteds autographs?
By being lucky. :P Charlie can often be found after Fightstar gigs (although it's difficult to meet him at London ones), are u ever guna update this site?
Haha, how many of these questions do I get? :( I'm sorry! :( I have a really busy life these days (don't own a shop if you want a quiet one!!!) but I try my best.

when will u update the radio
Now that's a good point, I haven't even thought of that. I'm not sure. :P

What did Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) do for Busted? On two promo singles (Who's David, Air Hostess) he's said to be listed as one of the musicians, on the album he gets special thanks.
Ooh, that's interesting, I've never noticed that. I can only think that he played a guitar part (although not sure why he'd need to?) or something like that. I really don't know, to be quite honest.

is charlie engaged to camilla?
I'm pretty sure they used to be engaged but these days I have no idea if they're even together.

" think it was in that story Owen sold to The Sun"- says it all. THE SUN. Gwwwrrr.
Hahahah, tell me about it. Worst newspaper ever? Apart from the Daily Star, of course, who printed a story about "the owner of bustedonline.org" arranging an ambush on Charlie! :|

Thank you for answering my reply on ur website,you will find he has said very little about busted,i have heard he is focusing on his band and wants the trial to start and finish as soon as possible,i guess we will then see what the truth is..z
Agreed. :)

the song "that thing you do" was it ever in a soundtrack??
Uhh... not that I'm aware. You might be thinking of Falling For You, that was featured in A Cinderella Story, but it wasn't on the actual soundtrack for some reason. :S

why aern't you updating the site.....oh i really miss this site. Everytime i went online i would ALWAYS come to BUSTED-ONLINE. Clazz are you quitting on the site or closing it???
Awww, I'm sorry! I've been so busy for the past however ridiculously long. :( I really miss this site too! :( I love you guys!

Hello Clazz. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love me? Ahah. I miss you, Myah! xx
Ohhh I don't know, 9.6746? ;)

can you upload end up like this please?
Clicky! :D

I was wondering if you had any idea what the release date would be for the upcoming Busted autobiogrpahy?
...What autobiography is this?

where can i download the episodes of America or Busted (without having a subscription to a website)???
I'll re-upload them eventually, but my versions weren't very good quality. I'm going to try and find the high-quality versions although they were 100mb+.

when did they split up?
January 2005. :(

Where's Charlie gone?
I dunno, he was standing over there a minute ago. *shrug*

Have you heard for Jonas Brothers? I just can't believe! I don't think it's fair they sing Busted's most popular songs! I don't know who let them! Do you know something more? Thank you, Barbara
Haha, I agree, they are awful!

where are busted from?
Charlie's from Ipswich in Suffolk, James is from Southend-on-Sea in Essex, and Matt is from Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey. :)

have charlie msn messenger???????????????????????

hi, why didnt james and matt find someone els when charlie went to fightstar?, cuz it would be gr8 if they were still here i just wanna know
I know, a lot of bands do it but I think because they were such a huge band with a distinctive image of the three of them, they knew it wouldn't be the same. They said in the press conference that they wouldn't want to carry on living in a "shadow" of themselves, which I think is fair enough.

Why you so hot?
Cause I'm in a sauna.

why charlie has this horrible new look?
I... What?

how old is charlie's girlfriend?
Erm, not sure. 25? That's if it's Camilla, but I don't know these days.

is there a last album not yet release of busted?
I'm sure they've probably recorded a few songs that were due to be released, but if they did, we haven't heard them and I'd be surprised if we ever do. :( *sob*

Is Matt mad at Charlie for leaving the band?
He used to be, but he's over it now. :)

i'm hearing all the crap charlies been saying about busted and it is pissing me off, what about you?
Oh tell me about it. I don't care too much about some of the things, but he says things like it was torture for months and I knew it wasn't right from the moment I joined, blah blah blah. I think when he left, he was glad to have made the decision, but then something in his mind told him he'd always felt that way, and in each interview his "torture" would have gone on longer. Like it started off a couple of months, then a year, then right from the beginning?!
That's what annoyed me, and then in the fricking Guardian interview or wherever it was where he slagged fans off, THAT royally got up my nose! I mean, how dare he talk about us as if we're pathetic for being upset? Or suggest that we have a shit taste in music? The worst thing was, loads of Busted fans are also Fightstar fans! I think he apologised for it, and since then he's said a lot of complimentary things about both the band and the fans, so it's all good... :P

Hey, is it true that Matt's brother Darren got married a few days or weeks ago?Love you and the site:p(k)
Yepp, it's true. :) He's got a wee baby now, too!

Why does everyone still love charlie?
...Because he's awesome? :P

Are you still alive ???:):):) xxx
Just about! :)

Do you know how you can lake something like your Busted-lid? I'd like to make a storie with Busted where you need to geive your name in etc...But i don't know how,can u please help me, love you!( and the site ofcourse!XxX)
Hmmm, try going to that page, right click on it and click "view source". Feel free to steal the coding lol, I got it from somewhere else anyway so it's not copyright to me. :)

Wanted to know if Wag Marshall Page played Bass on any of their albums or live tours. Cheers JJDisco
I've just had a quick Google on this... as far as I know, he hasn't. He's had a project with Chris Banks, who has played on Busted tours, and he's in the Infadels who Matt was bigging up for a while, whether that's coincidence or they know each other, I don't know. That's all I could find though.

Hey! i was wondering what this is; Extra Exceedingly Fitness (guitar interlude), because it's not on my CD... straaaaaaaaange world...I love your site, i'm still promoting your site to people who don't know who and what Busted is.... isnt that good, so your site has more visitors...
Awww bless you, thanks so much for your support! :) The guitar interlude is just an 18 second song on the first album, between the songs Without You and Losing You. It might be that you have the European version or something, because that's missing When Day Turns Into Night, Everything I Knew and the interlude.

Why cant I play music clips from this site?
Because esnips is stupid. I'ma gonna fix it. :)

what's the blood type of james?
Hahahaha. How am I supposed to know? :P

Is it true F* covered My Own Summer (Shove It) by deftones? Can we hear it?
They did indeed! You can hear it
here. They also covered Be Quiet And Drive if you're interested, there's a live studio version here or a live acoustic version here! :)

Are they gay?
They are not.

What does F*'s version of FAFF'S she drove me to daytime tv sound like? and is it true they're doing my own summer (shove it)? can we listen/download these on here?
I shall upload them at some point. :) You can listen to She Drove Me To Daytime TV here and My Own Summer here. :) (both links open into a new window)

i want matt & james to do a song together :D

i miss the days of checking this site all the time & finding booosted updates!! keep this foreverrrr. memories mate!
Awww, me too! :( I miss updating the site every day with loads of news, it was so much fun!

i wonder where busted would be right now if they were still together..maybe a 3rd & 4th album out :( they were at such a high point before they split up..i know its stupid but i still cant believe i'll never hear any new busted songs again. they meant so much to me. still do :(
Oh I know. :( I hate thinking about it. It really, really sucks. Although I try and think of the positives, I remember James was talking on a TV show once and said how it was pretty cool that they came along out of nowhere, totally shook up the pop music scene and BANG! They were gone again. Haha, I liked that description. :P And I'm glad they didn't just fade out like McFly seem to be.

Hi, do you know what guitar charlie plays with in fightstar? i think he used the same one occasinally for busted, its not the les paul, as i know that already, i cant figure out what model it is or manufacturer--can u help?...thanks, steve
I think the one you're referring to is probably a PRS. Is it the silver one? It's a PRS Custom E-22 or something along those lines. I used to know the exact model, but I can't remember! :-/

emergancy! the pictures of james on james sex page dont work!! ahhh! ;-) can you sort them out if you have time please? thank you, i know you're busy :-)
Hahahahahaha. Oh my word. I've forgotten what that even is. :P I'ma go see!

why oh why is matt not playing any instuments??
I know! :( I guess it's because he has more freedom without a bass guitar strapping him in! lol to be fair, he makes a very good frontman/singer, so it worked. :)

Whats Soccer Six? I've heard of Soccer Aid with Robbie Williams and Gordon Ramsay( beautiful!), but not Soccer Six...=S Your site rocks btw! =) xx
It's just a football game with some pop bands, I think. I don't know too much about it because I think it airs on Sky, which I don't have. :( Thanks btw! :)

Is there any acoustic tracks anywhere?
Plenty. :) I'll make sure to upload any that aren't on albums. They've done acoustic versions of: What I Go To School For, Year 3000, You Said No, Sleeping With The Light On, Crashed The Wedding, 3am, Thunderbirds Are Go and That Thing You Do.
They've also done live acoustic versions of Brown Eyed Girl, Mrs Robinson, Merry Christmas Everyone, Last Christmas and their hilarious version of Tenacious D - Tribute. :)
Orrrr if you wanted actual acoustic songs, they have: Meet You There, When Day Turns Into Night, the album version of SWTLO... that's all I can think of right now, lol.

Love the site! My friend told me that Charlie made James cry in their last press conference, what did he say?? Thanks!
I doubt it was anything he said in particular. You can see James crying in some of the pictures, I think it was just the emotional blow of losing the band he loved.

If you search for Charlie Simpson on IMDB.com and choose the right Charlie (the one also credited as Busted/Fightstar) you'll see that he appeared on "Basic Instinct 2". Any information about the character he plays? Do you know where in the movie he appears?
Hmm, I think I remember looking into this and it turned out it actually WAS a different person with the same name. If you're interested in his acting, he's appearing in a film that's being directed by Al, Dan (both of Fightstar) and a couple of their friends, called In God We Trust. Not sure when it's eventually going to be released, but they're still working on it.

Where can i get 'Broken - by Matt'? Its not on limewire anymore!!! thanx...N.B. This is an awesome website, keep up the good work, can't wait till the new Son Of Dork webpage!!! xoxoxo
Aww, thank you. :) I'll be uploading this at some point, send me a message via the form if you still want it (and anyone else leave me a message too!) with your email address and I'll upload it!

what is charlie's latest song?
The LATEST song would be the four they added onto the deluxe edition of Be Human, which are A City On Fire, Its Blood Is Black, Mvua Nyuesi and 28K Resolutions. He's also working on solo stuff and has two songs called Dead Man Walking and Empty Guns.

Do you know where I can find AoB screencaps plz?
That's a good point, unfortunately the copies I have on the computer aren't very good quality so I can't really take any, and my DVD of it has disappeared into thin air! :-/ Fingers crossed it'll turn up because it hasn't been on eBay for a long time lol. But in answer to your question, I really don't know, sorry. :(

On CD2 of ticket outta loserville there's a quick shot of them stood by a wall in the live video section. Is James smoking in this bit, maybe you have better hawk eyes than me? p.s. well done on keeping up such a wicked site, u r 1 dedicated lady
Aww, thank you. :) I highly doubt he'd be smoking as he's always been against it, but obviously can't say without watching it... I'll have a look!

Is it possible for you to post a scan/type up the bliss interviw? PRETTY PLEASE??? Thanks =p
Answer's above somewhere. :)

Hiya. Fab site Clazz. But you know how you said you won't put up any fightstar songs that are on the album. Well is there any chance you could upload Minerva [Acoustic Version], Take You Home, Ghosts On 31 & Call To Arms?
Ooh, sure thing hun. :) I'll definitely upload the Fightstar b-sides when I get round to "refurbishing" the audio page!

Hey!!! I'm from New Zealand so Son of Dork is nothing over here. so don't get me started on Busted! lol. Would you have ANY clue, what-so-ever about Son Of Dork coming to New Zealand? I heard they would like to go to Australia, but what about New Zealand? They have been in our magazines a couple of times but two thirds of the time, they've got the information wrong, for example, James went out with Kelly Osbourne?! lol. And do you think they will release 'Welcome To Loserville' in New Zealand? Also, in of the magazine said "Look out for their debut cd, Anyone for Eddies Song'? I love your website, i think it rocks and you're awesome! Do you mind if I add you to my MSN? Thank heaps! xoxoxo
Wow, I feel bad for leaving this for so long! lol the SOD stuff isn't relevant any more seeing as they aren't together, as for their album I have no idea if it was ever available over there, to be honest. You could probably import it on Amazon (or even eBay or something) but I don't know how expensive that would be. Of course you can add me to MSN, if you can find my email address, of course. ;) I forget whether it's on this website or not. If it's not, send me a message via the form with your email and I'll add you! :) Thanks so much for your support.

are u dumb?

Do you have the lyrics to We're Not Alone??
Here! :)

Are you going to be putting anymore songs into the audio section? Like ones from 'a ticket for everyone' cd?
Absolutely. :) It's one of my top priorities, although as you may have seen, hardly any of my priorities are getting done! lol I will get round to it though, I promise. :) ALTHOUGH I can't promise I'll do the songs from that CD, as you can buy it legally.

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