>> Frequently Asked Questions

Q: First thing's first. Are you going to continue with this site?
A: Yeah, of course. I'm not putting two and a half years of hard work to waste. :-) Although I have websites for each of their projects, this site will be staying in tribute of the band and as a big resource for everything to do with Busted.

Q: Now the most important question evahhhh. Do Busted have girlfriends?
A: Matt is married to TV presenter Emma Griffiths and they are expecting a baby later this year.
Charlie has an on/off relationship with childhood sweetheart Camilla Smith. Honestly, I don't know if they're together right now. Fightstar's second album was written based on their break-up after seven years, but I've heard rumours since that they are back together.
As for James, he is with a girl in America called Gabriella.
So in short, they're all taken, sorry ladies!

Q: Why did Busted split up?
A: After much speculation and a lot of denials from Busted since Charlie joined Fightstar in December 2003, he sadly decided that it was time to leave Busted on January 13th 2005. James and Matt agreed not to carry on with Busted as a duo, so the three announced the next day that Busted was officially over.
Along with all the fans, James and Matt are absolutely devastated by his decision, but they have insisted that they respect it.
The reason behind Charlie's decision is that Busted's management forced him to choose between Busted and Fightstar, and although Charlie had made it very clear that he preferred Fightstar, he had a very difficult few days making a decision because he really didn't want to leave Busted either.

Q: So what's planned for the boys in the future?
A: Charlie is still with Fightstar, and they are enjoying quite a lot of success.
James formed a pop-punk band called Son Of Dork who, to put it bluntly, failed quite quickly. He is now in America writing songs for various artists, as well as working on solo material and his band called Call Me When I'm 18.
Matt had a relatively short-lived solo career, which is sad considering his album was amazing. :-( He now does occasional TV presenting with his wife, Emma, mostly on I'm A Celebrity on ITV2, as well as various award shows, etc.

Q: Busted said they'll do something as a goodbye present for the fans. What do you think it'll be?
A: There was a rumour that it was going to be a greatest hits CD, but Charlie didn't agree to it or something - no idea if that's true though. It's obvious that nothing is going to happen now, unfortunately. But here's my ideal present - a dual disc CD.
CD1 - all the singles plus some b sides.
CD2 - fans' favourites (songs like That Thing You Do that weren't released) aaand brand new tracks.
Enhanced section - videos of all the songs they didn't perform on the first arena tour (Should I Stay Or Should I Go, Psycho Girl, acoustic set, Meet You There, Over Now, Falling For You, maybe Why because apparently Charlie completely changed it).

Q: Where can I write to them?
A: First off, I have no idea how reliable these are, especially as Matt and James are now signed to Mercury Records rather than Universal, but they are the only ones I have.

c/o Universal Island Records
136-144 New Kings Road

(originally 22 St Peter's Square, London W6 9NW)

c/o Universal Records
1755 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Q: Let's hear about you. Who's your favourite member?
A: I'm not bothered. I think Matt is the most attractive (only without the facial hair, ha), and James is my absolute idol/twin.

Q: What's your favourite Busted song?
A: Too many. Sleeping With The Light On is one of my favourite songs of all time, so I have to say that. Then there's Better Than This, Fake, Everything I Knew, She Wants To Be Me... and that's just album tracks.

Q: Okay, favourite b side?
A: Original - Last Summer. Cover - Fall At Your Feet.

Q: Son Of Dork, Fightstar or Matt?
A: Fightstar! Or Matt. Or SOD... nah, I'm kidding. Not SOD.