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Welcome to a fansite for one of the biggest British bands of the '00s, Busted. This site aims to bring you everything to do with the band, including info, pictures, videos, rare audio, and since Busted are sadly no longer together, all the latest news on the three members' current careers.

This site was opened on September 25th 2002 by Clazz. To answer many questions, I have no desire to close this website.

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Download: James doing Pop Quiz [TOTP Reloaded 17.12.05]
Song: Fightstar - Mercury Summer and Call Me When I'm 18 - Dumbstruck (sorry, can't choose!)
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DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not Busted, I do not know Charlie, Matt or James, and I do not know any of their contact details. I respect their privacy, and I expect you to as well.

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