-> Charlie Simpson [guitar, vocals]
-> Alex Westaway [guitar, vocals]
-> Dan Haigh [bass]
-> Omar Abidi [drums]


Fightstar's story began near the end of 2003 after a chance meeting between Charlie and Al. Charlie's girlfriend moved in with Al's sister, and the men hit it off straight away and began jamming. They pulled Dan and Omar on board and Charlie used the new band as a way of letting out steam away from Busted.

After a year, he decided to put everything into Fightstar, and quit Busted at the end of 2004, which led to their demise two weeks later.

In March 2005, Fightstar released their first EP, They Liked You Better When You Were Dead. It featured six tracks that set them in good stead to begin a full-on career against the dubious music critics. Their album, Grand Unification, arrived a year later, along with four singles. They played festivals such as Reading/Leeds and Download, beating away the bottle-throwers and becoming a surprise success.

After several American and British tours - many have noted Fightstar's efforts in touring - the band headed off to America to record their second album in LA. The result, One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours, was released in September 2007 along with a single, and after a string of shows in August and October, they released the first ever 'vinyldisk' in December - a CD on one side, a vinyl on the other.

Most recently, they supported Coheed and Cambria on the Kerrang! tour, and a new single, Floods is set for release in March 2008.