15th November 2008
I'm A Celebrity has started, catch Matt presenting on ITV2!

He's updated fans with a new blog on MySpace, which is pretty interesting and honest.

New record!!

Sorry i haven't been keeping you all up to date! Very poor of me!!!!!
I promise i will be coming on to tell you stuff that is going on from now on!
Its weird coz my old record label kinda looked after this with me, so now its just me!
My website is all theirs so not sure what's gonna happen there??? I know the forum is down. Ill talk to them about regaining control of that soon!

As for What's been going on with me..... Lots!!!!
Not all good, as you probably know James and me were in a court battle over the first Busted record! WE WON!!! And we should of as they were talking shit!!!
Been doing a bit of telly stuff, just to get money really, Court is well pricey!
And even though we won we cant get money out of people who don't have any!
Still have to pay a mortgage. Man i'm well grown up now!!
Got married!!! Once again very grown up!

And also started writing songs for a new album!
Its really early days right now but i'm well stoked and super exited about it!
When thing progress i promise you'll be the first people to know.

I really love coming on here and reading all the wicked stuff you write.
I thank you guys so much for everything you do and all the support you give me.
You really are ACE.

15th October 2008
All Star Family Fortunes is repeated on ITV2 this Saturday at 1.45pm... I assume that will be the one with Matt and Emma, but it doesn't say.

He is also appearing on Jack Osbourne's Adrenaline Junkie on ITV2 some time soon. I've just had a look around trying to find the correct airing date, because I've read FOUR different dates for his episode... but it seems it's actually aired TONIGHT at 9pm! I feel bad now, I don't want you to miss it! Ahh. I think there's a repeat, but I have no idea when and where.

And finally, he and Emma will be presenting ITV2's I'm A Celebrity coverage again this year, but I can't find when that starts.

And looking for information on all this stuff, I found out that in June, he was supposed to be presenting Isle Of Wight festival coverage on ITV with Emma, but he was in rehab so she had to go it alone. Oooo.

11th October 2008
Okay, I'm back in the UK so I'm gonna update with some news very, very soon.

Tonight, Matt's on All Star Family Fortunes with Emma and her family, and I think it's repeated next Saturday if you miss it. I shall double check!

6th July 2008
Sorry I haven't been updating lately... I know there was some news relatively recently.

Anyway, the big news at the moment is that he tied the knot to Emma yesterday! There were rumours recently that the two split up after he went back into rehab. She allegedly said that she was unwilling to marry someone who hadn't sorted himself out.

I don't know if she really did say that, but either way, they're married now. :-D They had a civil ceremony at Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire, and David Gest was best man.

Congratulations to the pair of them! I heard they signed contracts with OK! magazine, among others, for wedding coverage, so I assume pictures will appear soon if they haven't already... but I'm in America at the moment with very little time online, so I'd check out Matt-Willis.us for more up-to-date news. :-)

4th March 2008
Not really news, but I saw Matt at Jimmy Eat World's gig at the Roundhouse in London last night, he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself! He didn't seem to be with Emma, which I found amazing, hahaha.

18th February 2008
Matt's DJing again, in Essex again, this time in a club called Escape in Colchester on Friday. Admission is 1.50 before 10.30pm, 3 after, and it's strictly over 18s only. There are also 1.50 drinks all night, which can only be a good thing! ;-)

Full details here.

21st January 2008
Have I really not updated this for this long? Well, I suppose not much has been happening, but I thought I would have updated with his TV presenting.

So Matt presented the ITV2 I'm A Celebrity extra stuff in November (or something), along with Emma... to be quite honest, he wasn't very good. :-( It was a bit disappointing, really, but feel free to disagree. Get back to music, Matt!!

Then he & Emma whored themselves to the press a couple of weeks ago. Oh dear. Here's an article with three of the pictures and some more here, but there were a whole load more on wenn.com and I can't find them on there now.

Anyway, now he's playing a DJ set in a club called Mayhem in Southend this Friday. More information is here! I am quite tempted to go...

12th July 2007
Matt's posted a blog today.

hi ya!
Hey guys!
I thought it was about time i came to clear a few things up!
First of all myself and Mercury records will no longer be working together!
Its not a simple case of dropping an artist but just that we both felt we had reached a point where we could no longer move forwards.
However there are no bad feelings between the label and me. Infact i loved working with them and wish them all the best!
As for me and what i am gonna do now? I have loads of idea's and there are quite a lot of oppotunities coming my way.
Thanks for all you guys help through the past few years I really have had a great time and have so many amazing memories, most of them being playing in front of you.
I'll be back soon
All my love

Good luck mate, you deserve so much more than you've had. I hope you get the chance to record more music because truly, you are amazing. (PS. You should have released Fade Out and Who You Gonna Run To! You would have taken over the world!!)

He also posted a bulletin:

Hey guys!
The last few days to bid on the bass from the sleeping with the light on video!
Its for charity so do something good today.

I thought I added the auction link to favourites but I can't find it now... anyone got it?!

2nd July 2007

Interestingly, that Jake guy (mentioned in the Son Of Dork box) also mentions that he's currently co-writing with Matt... if I'm reading it right, he says Chris Leonard is working with the two of them as well.

22nd June 2007
Well, it's finally been announced. Matt has officially been dropped by Mercury Records - I think a lot of people have seen that coming for a long time. Some could see it as a good thing, because to be honest, Mercury didn't support him anywhere near as much as they should have done. I never heard news of whether he got any new management, but he was rarely booked on TV shows that he should have been, and when he was, people only cared about I'm A Celebrity. In all the magazines, he only seems to be asked about his relationship with Emma, and quite frankly, it pisses me off. His album is fantastic; it could have been huge. There was so much potential for his career, and I think the big men at the record company should have taken his album title a little more seriously, because that is one massive talent that has just gone to waste.

I really hope he finds a new deal, because he doesn't deserve this.

So what's going to happen now, you ask? Well, according to this article, he's going to venture further into TV. Last time I interviewed him, I specifically asked whether he was thinking of doing more TV presenting in the future, and he said he absolutely hated it, so no way. Then again, he has become a bit of a liar in recent times... so who knows? Of course, Victoria Newton has ALWAYS been a liar in most of her articles, so I won't take it too seriously just yet.

21st June 2007
No news about Matt, I'm afraid (there may be an interview I didn't post, I'll look into that). Other than the fact I spotted him at a Johnny Panic gig at the Bar Academy in Islington on May 31st.

I'd like to apologise for not updating for so long, it's partially not my fault for once! The site was hacked, although oddly enough, I haven't noticed any of the content changed. Let me know if you find anything strange, though. So for security reasons, my host changed the password and I managed to forget it, and with a lot of changes going on in my life right now (I've just moved from one end of the UK to the other!), I didn't get that sorted for a few days. Anyway, everything's back on track now! I'm going to make a few changes to the site in the next week or so, seeing as this layout hasn't been updated for yonks.

8th May 2007
Oh lordy, Matt's 24 today!! TWENTY FOUR!! Jesus.

4th May 2007
Here is an interview which I think is a rather good one.

3rd May 2007
You can watch a video interview with Matt here, it's under showbiz TV, almost at the bottom of the little window there.

24th April 2007
Click here for a short article in The Sun about Matt arguing with some bouncers after being kicked out of a pub. They have an accompanying video here... he doesn't seem that drunk, he just seems annoyed. It looks like someone else should have been kicked out too, but because they're friends with the manager, they get to stay while Matt's kicked out. Surely he has a right to complain about that? He doesn't need to be drunk. But ah well. That's Victoria Newton for you.

Also, in case you haven't noticed (seeing as I rarely update the main site these days), I've added a bit of news / a rant to the main news page...

22nd April 2007
Crash is in at #31, which is better than a lot of people expected. I'm just glad it made the top 40.

16th April 2007
Today's the day! Get out there and buy Matt Willis - Crash! Make it chart as high as we can!


Yeah, so am I the only one who's worried by the fact there only seems to be one format available?

You can watch the full video in the backstage area of MattWillis.net, by the way. :-D

13th April 2007
I've been away for the past couple of days so I missed the news of A VIDEO CLIP! You can view a one minute clip of the official video for Crash here.

I actually really like it. In all honesty, I don't think Matt's videos have been great, so this one is possibly the best of the lot.

However, does anyone else find it slightly worrying that a clip of the video is released less than a week before the single release? You can pre-order it here, and it features a song called 'Power Of Love', unfortunately I can't find a clip of that on 7digital etc yet. I should think there would be a CD2 - it's a bit silly if it doesn't, but we'll see. Let's try and make it a success anyway!

26th March 2007
Matt's presenting Freshly Squeezed on Channel 4 all this week. I think it's on early morning (7am kind of time) every day, I'll check up on that though.

24th March 2007
So it's a couple of weeks again before the current release date of 'Crash' and still no sign of any news. This doesn't look good.

However, some good news IS on board as it has been announced that Matt and Emma are engaged!! Congrats to them both. :-D

This is, of course, assuming it's true.

19th March 2007
Finally a bit of news. Actually, I lie. Matt did Chris Moyles' Rallyoke for Comic Relief and I completely didn't get round to updating about it...

But yes, you've probably noticed that a full version of his next single, 'Crash', hasn't been made public yet. The release date of the single has been pushed back to April 16th... let's hope it actually gets released!

5th March 2007
Hello guys!

Matt put on an incredible performance on Thursday night - there are over 50 videos on YouTube of that one night, which is pretty awesome.

I interviewed Matt for my music magazine and managed to hang out backstage for a bit, so it was a truly brilliant night, really! He appears to like Becks (...the beer), gave us one of his best quotes (which wasn't caught on film, unfortunately) and was generally just really cool.

Quote, you ask? [expression of disbelief] "WHAT. Are you in my dressing room? Are you in MY fucking dressing room?! I don't believe this. Who the FUCK do you think you are?!? GET THE FUCK OUT!!!"

Oh my. (may I point out he WAS joking...)

The gig itself was amazing, he put everything he had into every single song. He also bounded onto the stage to join The Riverclub when they performed one of the demos from their MySpace (the one titled 'Demo 2'), so that was pretty cool.

To be completely random, Dave McPherson, lead singer of InMe was there. InMe are heavy rock, what was he doing at a Matt Willis gig?! Not to mention the fact he lives in Essex... so that was pretty damn random.

28th February 2007
You can listen to a clip of Crash on Matt's MySpace!! It's excellent, I'm rather addicted already - I can't wait to hear the full thing recorded!

For now, the best you can get is a full video of it recorded live here, courtesy of my friend Lizzi! There are a whole looooad here, but I haven't watched all of them so I don't know which ones are the best quality and so on.

Anyway, I'm off for a 9-hour journey down to Glasgow to see the man himself tomorrow night! Hurrah!! See you on Saturday!

19th February 2007
Oh dear, I forgot to mention that Matt presented the Brits backstage on ITV2 last Wednesday night.

However, huge news is in - he's covering The Primitives' Crash for the new Mr Bean movie! Apparently the video is done, and his version of the song is supposedly already on some radio playlists, although I haven't heard it yet... anyway, it's out on April 2nd and he's playing it on his tour at the moment!

Although what I'm most excited about is the fact he's been playing 3am!!!!!

14th February 2007
I should feel ashamed and I do. I'm not even sure what happened. I've been extremely busy, but there have been plenty of times where I could do a little update here and there. :-( Me thinks I should give this place a revamp very shortly and get it back on track. I'm going to make mini-sites for all the artists as well, so that'll probably motivate me to work on this a lot more.

I'm really sorry for not updating. :-( There hasn't even been a huge amount of news about Matt lately. The first thing since that last update was pretty much at the end of December when I found out a day late that Matt was on the Celebrity Ready Steady Cook, which I was going to mention anyway but I just... didn't.

A couple of weeks ago, news got out that he's sacked his managers, which is about time - although now there are debates about whether he should have sacked his management or just left the record company. Either way, let's hope he made the right decision.

Of course, the biggest thing right now is that he goes on tour on Friday, so you'd better have your tickets. :-) He'll be going round the country for a couple of weeks, finishing in Glasgow (where I'll be seeing him) on March 1st. Hurrah!

13th December 2006
Ahh! Lots of news!

Well, first of all. Don't Let It Go To Waste is at a pitiful no.18 in the midweeks. GET OUT AND BUY IT!

Now for the most important news. MATT HAS ANNOUNCED A UK TOUR!

16 Feb - Leadmill, Sheffield. 0870 010 4555
17 Feb - Academy 2, Manchester. 0161 832 1111
19 Feb - Academy, Bristol. 0870 771 2000
21 Feb - Shepherds Bush Empire, London. 0870 771 2000
22 Feb - UEA, Norwich. 01603 508050
24 Feb - Pyramids, Portsmouth. 023 9282 4355
25 Feb - Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton. 0870 320 7000
27 Feb - Carling Academy, Liverpool. 0870 771 2000
28 Feb - University, Newcastle. 0191 263 5000
1 Mar - ABC, Glasgow. 0870 169 0100

I'm going to try and make it down to Glasgow but I'm not sure yet! Anyway, tickets go on sale on Friday. :-D

There's also a full page interview with Matt in the current issue of New magazine where he talks about his time in Australia.

Aaaand he was on The Comedy Awards tonight presenting an award, but if like me you missed it, it's repeated tomorrow on ITV2 at 10pm.

Um... more news... Matt has been invited to Keith from the Prodigy's wedding, which is pretty cool. Want to know more?

And finally, there's a rumour going round that Matt is replacing Kerry bloody Katona in the Iceland adverts... it's quite likely to not be true, but we'll see, eh? All I know is that Kerry does my nut in on those adverts!

12th December 2006
Matt posted another bulletin on MySpace yesterday:

My single is out this morning!
My single is out this morning, hope you all like it!

Also, if you text order a download of my single by texting MATT WASTE or MATT W to 81330, you get to see a free bonus video - of my performing Don't Stop Me Now with Mcfly at Wembley Arena.


What do you all think of the single then? In all honesty, I only have one CD so far (the one with What's The Point on it, I thought that was CD1 until the mailing list email said it was the other way round...) and I really like it.

I'm sure I'll still think Don't Stop Me Now is a travesty when I get the other CD... and I have no idea about Not Over yet.

11th December 2006
DON'T LET IT GO TO WASTE (SINGLE) IS OUT TODAY. BUY IT. This week, it has gone in at no.68 based on downloads alone (thanks Libi for posting about that on the official forums). Hopefully it'll get a good position next week!

Go here for information on the Manchester signing on Thursday. You must head down to Virgin Megastores in Arndale THIS MORNING at 9am to get wristbands - it's a first come, first serve basis and it's one wristband per person.

Also, he's going to be appearing on 1 Leicester Square later on MTV, I don't know what time that is though. He's also confirmed to be on the Russell Brand Show on Friday night on channel 4. Later on, you can also catch him on Blue Peter on BBC1... I believe that's about 5pm.

And finally, slightly random, but apparently Liam Gallagher voted for Matt on I'm A Celeb, as did All Saints. Which is pretty cool, really.

Oh, Matt's also posted some bulletins in the past couple of days.

Hear a medley of 4 more songs from my album !!!
I have put a medley of four more songs from my album up on Myspace - its on autoplay, come have a listen.

Meanwhile my single is out MONDAY! There are 3 good b-sides on the two CD's including Don't Stop Me Now when I performed live at Wembley with my mates Mcfly.

Thanks again for everyone of you who voted for me in the jungle!


Don't Stop Me Now live with McFly = GOOD b side?!

My new single is out Monday morning + New songs on Myspace
My new single is out tommorrow morning (Monday)!

Also I have a medley of 4 new songs on my album on auto-play on my myspace page - check them out!


8th December 2006
You can pre-order Don't Let It Go To Waste here and get an instant video stream of Don't Stop Me Now live by McFly with Matt. If you really want.

Some signings for next week have been announced... the one in Glasgow is at Music Zone on Argyle Street, not Sauchiehall... and it's at 4pm, not 5.30pm. He's also doing one in Manchester at Virgin Megastore in Arndale at 5.30pm.

Matt's going to be on Wave 105 on Monday (11th) at 11.30am. You can listen in at Wave105.com or if you miss it, you can go to the 'listen again' section on the site. Speaking of which, he was on Radio 1 the other day and you can re-listen to that on here. :-)

Also, there's a bit of crap going on with those original Busted members, Ki and Owen. You probably remember when they sued Busted for not giving them royalties... and then again for not mentioning them in the Busted autobiography. Well, they're at it again, but this time it could turn serious. Ki has announced that Matt lied to the court when he said he didn't know Ki or Owen before the band because both Ki and Matt attended Sylvia Young. Perjury in court can sometimes lead to a jail sentence, but let's hope something trivial like this won't!

And of course, they couldn't POSSIBLY be making a deal out of this to get attention while Matt's in the middle of having loads of publicity, could they? Funny that.

7th December 2006
If you live in Glasgow and want to meet Matt, here's your chance! He's doing a signing on Tuesday at 5.30pm in Music Zone (on Sauchiehall Street).

Matt's all over the place at the moment! You can catch him on This Morning tomorrow morning on ITV for an I'm A Celebrity reunion. Then on Saturday, it's TMi on BBC2 and Popworld on Channel 4 in the morning... I think they may clash, so choose TMi because Popworld's repeated on Channel 4 on Sunday morning at 8.50am or something!

He's then on Something For The Weekend on Sunday on BBC2, I'll find times for that. Then it seems to be a break for a week until next Saturday when he's on Popworld again... then on the following Tuesday (19th), he'll appear on Loose Women on ITV. I'll make a properly organised schedule like I used to do with the main Busted site lol. It's a lot easier!

Anyway! He's also in OK magazine, Star magazine... he was in New magazine but I have no idea if that issue's still out.

There was also an article in the Daily Record yesterday, which you can read here. You can read another one from yesterday's Mirror here as well. Oh, and one by Victoria Newton in The Sun, but I think we'll give that one a miss, eh?

(Don't get it? Newton is probably THE most notorious bullshitter at a newspaper. Don't believe anything she says.)

3rd December 2006
MATT IS THE KING OF THE JUNGLE! On Friday, he was voted winner of this year's I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, so good on everyone who voted! I'm not particularly looking forward to the phone bill coming in... I don't even know how much the calls cost!

Anyway, yay @ that! As you do (or should) know, the Don't Let It Go To Waste single is out on December 11th. You can order an exclusive free slipcase to keep the CDs in by clicking here and filling in the form - you must do that by tomorrow, though!

Alsoooo, if you pre-order the download singles from here, you get a free video interview with Matt before he set off into the jungle that you can watch instantly.

And speaking of 7digital, you can now also preview Don't Stop Me Now (which is a live version of McFly just featuring a bit of Matt singing. :-( This really is a tragedy - at least if he had recorded it himself, it might not be murdered. :-( Hmph) and Not Over (again featuring McFly) here. Bleh. Can't say I'm overly impressed, really.

On the upside, there are plenty of TV appearances coming up! There's an I'm A Celebrity thing on later, I believe. I don't know what that is, though, and we don't have a TV paper. :-( Tomorrow, he's on This Morning on ITV1 (not sure what time he'll be on) and possibly GMTV... then it's a break until Saturday when he's on TMI at 9am on BBC2 and Popworld at 10.30am on Channel 4. He'll also be on Loose Women in a few weeks (I think I read that starts on December 18th - I'll try and find out when he's going to be on).

29th November 2006
Matt's still going on I'm A Celebrity, struggling through trials and getting the chest and so on. Keep voting him in by phoning 09011 32 32 06. I can't remember the text number, I'll look that up.

Anyway, disappointment! Matt's album reached the very high position of 66. WHY HAVEN'T YOU BOUGHT IT YET?! It's got some bloody masterpieces on there, I swear. So get buying it.

However, Emma found out that roughly 7,200 copies were sold last week. Which, as she said herself, is pretty good considering we were starting to wonder if that many people actually know about Matt's solo career - let alone his album. Bravo to the management and record company for their AMAZING promotion - of which there has been none. Five gold stars to you.

In other news, the tracklisting for Matt's next single, Don't Let It Go To Waste, has been finalised.

1. Don't Let It Go To Waste
2. What's The Point?

1. Don't Let It Go To Waste
2. Don't Stop Me Now
3. Not Over feat. McFly

................DON'T STOP ME NOW?!?!?!?!?! That song should NOT be covered. McFly have proved that. I now feel very sad and I am hoping dearly that Matt does not massacre it.

Still, hopefully 'What's The Point?' will be so amazing that it will make up for this catastrophe.

As it happens, it sounds rather good - but 'average' enough to see why it didn't make it on the album. (I do mean that in a 'really-good-but-not-quite-album-quality' way, not 'meh, it's alright') Have a listen to the preview here. It gets a lot better in the chorus if you ask me.

23rd November 2006
Urgh, I'm seriously really sorry I haven't updated in the past few days. I hardly ever get online at the moment... so much for having my own laptop when I never get to use it, huh?


Fade Out, Who You Gonna Run To and Falling Into You are definitely my favourite tracks at the moment. It's SO much better than I expected it to be, to be honest.

Go and buy it. You won't regret it. It's so good. If it doesn't do well, there's something wrong with the UK.

Oh, and I just realised I haven't posted the numbers to vote for the Don't Let It Go To Waste video on The Box and The Hits. No.132 on The Box and no.127 on The Hits. :-)

ANOTHER THING YOU HAVE TO DO TO HELP MATT. Vote for him on I'm A Celebrity to keep him in! One person is leaving the camp forever tonight and we need to make sure it's not Matt.

However, his girlfriend Emma Griffiths, has kindly reported to newspapers that he is supposedly using a 'code' to communicate with her from the camp - which could result in him being kicked out anyway. The 'signal' is when people are chosen for the trials and Matt does something with his hands when his name's said - which, according to Emma, means he's okay and he loves her. Thanks to (a different) Emma for telling me about that one.

Another thing I just found about his girlfriend is here. PSH.

...I really miss looking for all the latest news lol. I might have to get a Matt fansite back into full swing.

19th November 2006
Jesus, Matt's album, Don't Let It Go To Waste, is released tomorrow!! I can't believe it's crept up on us like this.

Make sure you remember to order the album from here! The tracklisting on there is wrong - view the correct one here - as you can see, Smashing Kelly has been taken off the album and Who Are You Gonna Run To has replaced it. But the best thing - you can preview ALL the tracks on there!!! Waheyz0r!

Anyway, pre-order that times a million, and while we're at it, you can view and pre-order the Don't Let It Go To Waste singles (out 11th December) here and here. I have no idea what's on the 4.99 one yet, but I'm looking forward to hearing What's The Point heh.

Hope you've all been tuning into I'm A Celebrity by the way!

16th November 2006
So who's been watching I'm A Celebrity?! Dave from Son Of Dork has been posting bulletins to make everyone vote for Matt to do the Bushtucker trials, so what are you waiting for?

Vote Matt For I'm A Celebrity Challenges!!!
Matts in the jungle and bored as a motherlicker so do him and the country a favour and vote his ass in for challenges!!!!

its simple as piss, all you have to do is text "Matt" to 63334 or call 09011 323206 when the lines are open during the show. lets get on it. also add http://www.myspace.com/vote_willis to your profiles and keep him on it. safe x

12th November 2006
Urgh, I really need to get back into updating, don't I? I haven't updated this bit for almost a month!

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here starts tomorrow and Matt's on it! It should be funny, and it'll be good publicity for his album which isn't such a bad thing.

He's also fallen out with James because of it, according to the press. Who knows if it's true or not? James supposedly had a go at Matt for doing it as a stupid publicity stunt and they fell out over it. It could be an exaggeration or it might not be.

Ooh, and the video for Don't Let It Go To Waste is on music channels now! And I still haven't seen it! Outrage! Apparently it's a REALLY good video, though. I wish someone would put it up on YouTube already. :-p

15th October 2006
Matt's posted a MySpace bulletin with some news.

Come and see me at HMV Oxford St on Monday

It's National Music week next week and I'll be performing at HMV Oxford Street this Monday. I'm gonna be perfoming 'Ex Girlfriend' plus a few new tracks from the album.

It'd be ace to see you, so come down if you can. I'll be on from 13.30pm.

See you there kids!

Anyone going? RECORD IT IF YOU CAN! It'd be great to hear new songs, even if it's just live versions.

11th October 2006
Don't Let It Go To Waste finally has an official release date - November 20th. You can pre order both formats here and here.

The album is still listed to be released on November 13th - pre order that here.

And finally, there's something I'm not quite sure about... it's called 'National Music Week: My Music Project', listed on HMV as by Matt Willis. It's available to pre order again, released on October 16th - clickie - but it's only 1p. I've looked into this and found that there is something happening in loads of schools, where kids receive a token which they can then take into various stores (click to search for your local stores, they're mostly HMVs) in exchange for an exclusive track from a CD. This is going on ONLY between October 16th and 29th.

One of these tracks is a brand new Matt Willis song, Ex-Girlfriend, which will feature on the album. I'm not sure whether non-school children will be able to buy the song - which will be unfair if we can't! - but you CAN listen to a 30-second clip of it here. IT SOUNDS AMAZING.

For more information, go here and to find out more about Matt specifically, click!