Matthew James Willis

Age: 24
D.O.B: 8th May 1983
Lives: Muswell Hill, London
Instruments played: Bass, some guitar & drums
Favourite bands: Blink 182, he seems to be into a lot of drum n' bass lately as well (Pendulum, Infadels, etc)

After not contributing that much to Busted's songs, Matt put his songwriting skills to good use with his 2006 solo album, Don't Let It Go To Waste. It's a showcase of incredible talent that should have been recognised more fully a long time ago.

However, it didn't hit the big time, even with publicity support from Matt's appearance on ITV's I'm A Celebrity. Since then, Matt has moved on to TV presenting along with his fiancee, MTV's Emma Griffiths, and has even tried his hand at DJing.

We'll keep you posted about everything he's up to, even if it's not much...