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Most of these are on Megaupload, so to download them, wait for the timer to count down until it says 'Click to download'. If you're still stuck, use the alternative downloads, but ONLY if the megaupload doesn't work for you. Some more coming soon.

Music/interviews from radio [ie. better quality than the fan ones]
Interview on Radio 1 [recorded by Yaara]
Interview on Hit40UK [recorded by Yaara]
Ticket Outta Loserville live at Liverpool PITP [recorded from RadioCity by Yaara]
Full live set [Ticket Outta Loserville/Eddie's Song] and interview at Free At The Dee [recorded from Northsound radio by Kachookee]
(alternative link: here)
Music - recorded by audience members
Eddie's Song live at Liverpool PITP [recorded by Tian]
(alternative link: here [right click and save target as])

Short clip of James talking about the Fox FM show