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Son of Dork recently enjoyed top ten success with their second single Eddie's Song. Celebrity Scoop caught up with former Busted member James Bourne, and his new bandmates, at Virgin Megastores in Nottingham where they signed for hundreds of young girls...

What's your new single about?
James: Eddie has got 27 kids, but he doesn't know. Eddie is a fictional rock character. We can't put it on somebody else, because we tried to put it on Eddie Van Halen, but we googled him and realised he doesn't have 27 kids, and he's married.
Steve: He has one kid called Wolfgang.
Chris: But we like the name Eddie, and also me and James were in L.A. to see Eddie Van Halen's house, and next to it was Eddie Murphy's house, so we called him Eddie.

Are your lyrics important to you?
James: Of course, because I like to think people can read the lyrics on the album as poems. They can work without music, as poetry.

Dave, why do you play the character in the video for Eddie's Song, have you got 27 kids or something?
Dave: I don't know. They just pushed me into it I think. I turned up and they said it was me doing it. I think they just wanted to see me in tight, tight pants.

Is there cynicism in your music?
James: Yeah. We're sinister. I think there might be a little bit of angry sarcasm in our music.

Are you happy with how successful the album has been?
James: I don't know if it's as successful as we want it to be yet. I think there's still a long way for it to go yet. We don't want it to be one of those albums that you see for a month, and then you don't see it any more. We hope that this album will still be living on next year.
Chris: We've got more singles to release which will hopefully carry this album further.
James: Yeah, we want this album to last.

Is your schedule really tough?
James: It keeps us moving.
Chris: It does. It's when you're in a band and you're not busy that you need to worry.
James: I hate not being busy. I cannot stand waking up in the morning, and going “Oh what are we gonna do today?". These days are fun.

Did you realise that Son of Dork abbreviates to spell SOD?
James: We did realise that.
Chris: It wasn't a deliberate thing, but we're cool with it.
James: We also realised that dork is the whale's penis, which is the largest of the penises of the world, and the walrus is second. If you're gonna be named after a penis, it might as well be a big one.

Your name implies you might want to break America eventually…
James: What, because dork is in the title? I think it's also in the English dictionary. I suppose it's because it's from an American film called Problem Child. It comes from a scene where a boy is in a football team ,and his dad is coaching, and he can't hit the ball, and the whole team is shouting son of dork.

Chris, did you end up joining the group because you've toured with Busted in the past?
Chris: Yeah, I did the tours, and I've known James for a few years. When this opportunity came up he asked if I wanted to come down and play with the rest of the guys at the audition. We knew we got on well from time spent on the tour before. He liked my playing, and I like James and what he does.
James: We knew we could go on tour and not kill each other.
Chris: Yeah, which is important.

Have you spoken to Matt or Charlie recently, James?
James: I was with Matt Last night. Funny you should speak of the devil. Our friend played an unplugged show in a pub called the Wilmington in Angel. Charlie, we don't really hear much from him, but I don't think his mum does either.
Chris: We bumped into Charlie at the studio, randomly, didn't we? He was cool.

James, why did you decide to form another band after Busted split up?
James: I had so much fun the first time, I thought I might as well do it a second time. I had the opportunity to do it a second time, I thought I might as well do it again.

Steve, at seventeen, aren't you a bit young to be dealing with all this pressure?
Steve: I'm just eighteen actually. James started when he was my age. Dougie was 15 when he started.

Is it true you live with McFly?
Chris: They live in the same building, the same complex. Girls Aloud are there as well. I think some of them have moved out, but some of the girls are still there. They're quiet though, they're boring.

Do you talk to them?
Chris: We'd like to!
Steve: We joined the gym just because Girls Aloud go there.

Are they as thin as they look?
Steve: Yeah, if they're gonna eat lunch, they don't eat much.
James: Cheryl used to watch me swim before she went out with Ashley Cole.
Dave: Cheryl Tweedy used to watch you swim!?
Steve: Cheryl Tweedy did not watch you swim!
James: She used to watch me swim. This is before I knew Dave. Dave has no basis for comparison.
Dave: I know for a fact that Cheryl Tweedy would no way sit and watch you swim.
Danny: You can't even swim, can you?
James: Of course I can swim.

What have you got coming up after the single?
Chris: We've got a movie theme tune that we're doing for the new Ant and Dec movie.
James: It's called Alien Autopsy. It's a little bit like Shaun of the Dead. It's got British comediennes in it like Jimmy Carr, and Bill Pullman from Independence Day.