Taken from: The TOTP website

We managed to calm down James 'Busted' Bourne's new band Son Of Dork long enough for them to tell us why they're NOT the next Busted. Well that really backfired!

TOTP: Can you give us five reasons why you're not the next Busted?
James: To be honest, I think we kind of are. But it's just not like Busted. I think the Busted fans are gonna like it. I wrote all the Busted songs, and I write all of these songs.

TOTP: So, in a way, you were Busted...
James: Well... I was the most Busted out of Busted so it's like, I'm not gonna lie. I'm not coming back to prove any points. I'm coming back for my fans, and so it's like other people are gonna like it cos it's rockier and heavier but that's it.

TOTP: Ah. Erm...
James: And there's a drummer in the band! Well, there was a drummer in Busted but not in the beginning. There's a bonafide drummer and he's there from the beginning. There's also another member that you don't know about...

TOTP: [Flips through notes] Er... What?
James: He's called Percussion Boy. But you'll be meeting him later on.

TOTP: How mysterious...
James: Yeah! He's gonna make surprise appearances from time to time. He doesn't really do interviews because he's really shy. And he's only four foot tall.

TOTP: He sounds ideal!
Dan: He's half a stunt man and half a percussionist. He's half a man!

TOTP: So he's on triangle duties is he?
James: No no no! Dan is the drummer, but Paul is the Percussion Boy. He comes around with maracas, sometimes with a tambourine. Sometimes he'll have a shaker. You never know what he's gonna do. It could be a triangle on a Tuesday... He constantly surprises us.
Dan: He's like the new Bez. We just saw Bez with his maracas and we immediately wished we'd brought Percussion Boy along.
James: Actually, this is an exclusive. No one knows about this. He's not even on the website.

TOTP: Cool! We'd have settled for more members...
James: Come on. There's double the members... with Percussion Boy. As soon as Percussion Boy hits the fan, it's like double Busted!
Chris: Well, Busted and a half, really...

TOTP: And there's a bigger hair budget obviously...
James: Well, they kind of looked like that anyway. I had this hair already. And Chris just never brushes his hair. I'd say our hair budget is pretty cheap compared to someone like Girls Aloud.