Taken from TV Hits - November 2005

Skater boys

James Busted's back with a new band, so we decided to take the boys skating and quiz them on being part of Son Of Dork

Hi guys! How did you get together?
David: It was an escapade like Shrek.
Steve: A whole big adventure.
David: Steve's Shrek cos he's the big, ugly one, and I'm the donkey cos I'm the loud, talkative one.
Steve: With the big ears!
David: I have actually! We went on an escapade and found the lovely young princess which was James. Got back to the castle, met some good friends along the way. Chris is Prince Charming, Danny came along and he's the fox...
James: I'm the gingerbread man! [Does impression]
Steve: No, you're the Princess, we already did the story.

Is that what really happened?
James: Well, Chris came from Busted and I put an advert out for the others.
David: I met James a day or two before I went for the first audition, then we started hanging out.
Steve: I auditioned to play guitar but they asked if I'd play bass...
David: 'Cos we needed a bassist who could sing and it took a while to find one. I'm a much better guitarist than you.
Steve: You wish!

No fighting boys! James, do you ever regret choosing them?
James: My life is a lot more exciting and fruitful now! One thing I learned from Busted was that your band become your best friends. Matt [Willis, ex-Busted] is probably one of my best friends so if you're going to put a band together, the more people, the more friends.

Good advice! What were you doing before the band?
David: I was a country and western star. You might remember me actually, my stage name was Shania Twain, had some tough times but now I'm back with a band.
Chris: I was the backing guitarist for Shania Twain. No, I wasn't really. I was Busted's extra touring guitarist.
Steve: Danny actually got into the last seven of Blue.
David: I worked as a data entry clerk and I fixed computers. I played in bands on the side.
Steve: I worked in Sainsbury's.
Danny: I sold credit cards and ladies shoes.
James: Before I was in Son Of Dork? I was playing in a band called Busted. One day I was in Busted then the next day I wasn't. Isn't it crazy how your life can change in just one second?

Do you hang out much outside of the band?
Danny: We all live together.
David: James and I have a house and the others live next door.
James: Correction, Dave lives under my roof! I like him, he's a good housewife!
Danny: They come round to ours all the time and make a mess! We had a big clean up recently.

So who does the cooking?
Chris: No one.
David: We're addicted to Pizza Go-Go, James doesn't even have to give his address any more!
James: I went to order a pizza once and ordered a cab by accident. They asked how many people and I said we'd want a large one, then had to give them my address. I didn't realise until they asked me where I was going!

D'oh. We're skating today, guys. So who reckons they're any good?
David: I skateboard a bit, used to go round the back of Tescos every night to skate.
Steve: He bought his skateboard from Argos, it's a Barbie one.
David: Best thing I ever bought!
Steve: I broke my leg skating once.
James: I used to roller skate every Wednesday. I was really good, but then some idiot invented inlines! I was amazing back in the day, then they invented inlines and put a wheel where there used to be a stopper. So I went out thinking, 'Yeah, inlines are the new crazy' and went down the street, tried to stop and fell flat on my face.
Chris: I used to skate, but it was inline so James probably doesn't like that.
James: Inlines belong on Baywatch!

Er, OK. Any of you tried snowboarding?
James: I can do it. Or, as they say, 'I board'. Vancouver is the only place in the world where if you ask someone if they can snowbaord, they'll answer you seriously with, 'I ride'. You can't help but laugh!
Steve: Radical dude! I've done mountain boarding and I fell off.
David: Wake boarding as well!
Danny: I love that! It's where you're attached to a boat, bit like having one ski.
Chris: I went windsurfing once and I fell off!

Here's a sport you probably haven't tried: extreme ironing...
Steve: I pay Danny to do my ironing 'cos I can't.
Chris: No, it's where people go down a hill on an ironing board. There's extreme vacuuming too!
Steve: Take me and I'll do it!
James: And helicopter skiing?!
Steve: What's that?
James: It's where the highest mountains are, the ski is fresh and the avalanches are waiting. You jump out and go!
Chris: I'd love to do that.
Steve: Team extreme sport, we can get a helicopter and an ironing board and go!
David: Helicopter waiting and you jump down on a Dyson.
Danny: You'll jump on it and never be seen again.
Steve: I'll have a Henry Hoover, I think.
Danny: Won't you be scared?
Chris: Not with Henry.
Steve: He has a nice happy face!

Did you have such cool hobbies when you were younger?
James: I used to paint War Hammer figures!
Chris: Who's the biggest loser? Don't ever call me a loser again, James.
James: We're not called Son Of Dork for nothing! I won a prize for the best painted figures and got another box of ten!
Chris: Bet it was your dad, he invented the competition just to keep you in your bedroom!

Do you do any sports?
James: I had to choose between music and tennis. If I'd gone down the tennis road, I would've been playing at Wimbledon now.
Steve: I played football but not very well.
David: I was just one of the most incredible sportsmen that ever existed.
Steve: Even girls' rounders and netball?
Chris: And lacrosse?
Danny: And polo?
David: You know when you get one of those all round pro's that everyone loves? I'm one of them.