James Elliot Bourne

Age: 24
D.O.B: 13th September 1983
Lives: Southend-on-Sea, Essex/Finchley, London/somewhere in America
Instruments played: Guitar, piano, some bass
Favourite bands: New Found Glory, Neve and Wheatus

James is a man of songwriting talent, as he proved in the days of Busted. Since then, he's moved on to a similar-sounding pop band, Son Of Dork, who had just two singles before disappearing into oblivion.

A year later, the band resurfaced briefly for a UK tour with Bowling For Soup, and they headlined a gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire shortly afterwards. However, the comeback was not to last, and after many promises that a second album would be released, guitarist Dave Williams couldn't hack the inactivity any more.

His departure in July 2007 left fans even more uncertain about the band's future, and fellow members Danny Hall and Steve Rushton have since joined new bands, while Chris Leonard has seemingly lost complete interest in the Son Of Dork venture.

It seems now that James is on his own - but it might not be a bad thing when you hear what he's cooking up. He's been spending his days writing songs for other artists such as the Jonas Brothers and Melanie C, as well as writing with ex-Something Corporate guitarist William Tell, ex-Train frontman Pat Monahan and The Calling guitarist Aaron Kamm Kamin, to name a few. He also wrote with people such as Gary Barlow in the British TV musical, Britannia High. His song credits were for Best Of Me (episode 1), Get Over Yourself (episode 4) and Wake The Dead (episode 6).

But far more importantly, he's back with solo material (under Future Boy) and has just formed a new band called Call Me When I'm 18. Watch this space!


Writing with JC Chasez - are any of his new songs ones that James has co-written?

Tidal Rave - James apparently wrote the theme tune, will the show ever actually be broadcast? Or has it been already?

The Loserville musical - is it going to happen? James is working with a guy called Elliot but I've heard no news since.

Hodges Taylor - was James really working with him? What's happened to the songs?