>> Son Of Dork lyrics

Welcome To Loserville album

Ticket Outta Loserville
Eddie's Song
Little Things
Party's Over
Holly, I'm The One
Wear Me Down
Murdered In The Mosh


Eddie's Farm (SOD rewriting Eddie's Song)
I Want You Back (Ticket Outta Loserville single)
Two Princes (Eddie's Song single)
Thunderbirds (Eddie's Song single)
We're Not Alone
Merry Christmas Everyone (performed on CD:UK)

>> "Post-SOD" songs


28,000 Friends
All In
New Song
What Happened To Your Band
A new song

Call Me When I'm 18

Break It
Go Home Monday

>> McFly lyrics

Radio:ACTIVE album

Do Ya
Everybody Knows

Motion In The Ocean album

We Are The Young
Wonderland album
Memory Lane

Room On The Third Floor album

Five Colours In Her Hair
That Girl
She Left Me
Down By The Lake
Unsaid Things
Surfer Babe


The Guy That Turned Her Down [from one of their singles, don't know which]
No Worries [from I'll Be OK single]

>> All other lyrics

V feat. McFly - Chills In The Evening [featured on one of V's singles]
MC Lars - Twenty-Three [featured on his latest album]
Melanie C - Immune [featured on her latest album]
Pat Monahan - Great Escape [featured on his solo album]
Nicholas Jonas - Appreciate [not sure where this is from]
William Tell - Yesterday Is Calling [iTunes bonus track on William Tell's solo album]

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