-> Steve Rushton [bass, vocals]
-> Chris Leonard [guitar]
-> David Williams [guitar]
-> Danny Hall [drums]

History of the band

Son Of Dork was the creation of James after the demise of Busted. He advertised in the NME and The Stage and thousands of people turned up to audition for the new band, which is named after a scene in the movie Problem Child. By July 2005, six months after the Busted split, four members had been recruited.

They debuted at big-name gigs such as Party In The Park in Oxford and Free At The Dee in Aberdeen, which were the first places to hear their music.

In November, Ticket Outta Loserville was released, reaching number three in the charts. It seemed that the band were set to be huge, even though their album, released two weeks later, only reached number 35.

Welcome To Loserville featured only ten songs, most of which were not James's strongest works. In January 2006, Eddie's Song was the second single to be lifted from it, and it scraped the top ten in the charts. Three months later, We're Not Alone was written for the Ant & Dec film, Alien Autopsy, and an alternative version was featured in the end credits of the film. It was due to be released as a single, which never went ahead.

The band quickly sunk into nothing, but a year later resurfaced to support Bowling For Soup on their Get Happy Tour in February 2007 and headline a date of the Sic Tour in March 2007. However, they quickly disappeared again, and after a tour scheduled for May 2007 was cancelled, Dave left the band in July, stating that it was no longer a band. Chris also left in October with similar statements.

Steve is currently producing for other bands and is playing in Outrage, while Danny formed a band called DeFo and now plays in Hill Valley High. Dave plays in Kobe while I believe Chris has gone back to being a session guitarist for various artists.