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LOTS more coming soon. Huge huge thank you to both Yaara and the staff at jbs.com for the TV appearances videos. All of the videos have come from VJScorpio originally, so a HUGE hand to John for being so excellent in providing them.


Ticket Outta Loserville (original) coming soon.
Ticket Outta Loserville (late night version)
Eddie's Song


Album advert (includes clips of the album launch gig)

Ministry Of Mayhem - 24th December 2005:
Ticket Outta Loserville and We Wish You A Merry Christmas live

XChange Class Wars - 16th December 2005:
Boyband performance | Ticket Outta Loserville performance | Pop It Challenge | Dork To The Hand

Ministry Of Mayhem - 10th December 2005:
Intro | Ram Ray | Chat | Name That Tone | Eddie's Song performance and goodbyes

Ministry Of Mayhem - 26th November 2005:
Performance of Murdered In The Mosh

Smash Hits Poll Winners backstage - 20th November 2005:
Son Of Dork with McFly | Son Of Dork | Interview

TOTP Reloaded - 19th November 2005:
Performance of Boyband | Know your guest | Pop quiz | What's On TOTP quiz

E4 - 8th November 2005 (I think):
Wake Up With Son Of Dork | Competition

Blue Peter - 7th November 2005:
Ticket Outta Loserville performance on Blue Peter

XChange - 7th November 2005 (I think):
Xchange part 1 | Xchange part 2

UK Music Hall Of Fame - 6th November 2005:
James talking about Green Day

Hit40UK - 5th or 6th November 2005:
Hit40UK interview

CD:UK - 5th November 2005:
Ticket Outta Loserville on CD:UK

Popworld - 5th November 2005:
Interview with Steve, Dave and James on Popworld (aired version) | Extended version (unseen on TV)

Nickelodeon - 3rd November 2005:
Interview and performance on Nickelodeon

Popworld - 29th October 2005:
Big Ones interview with James | Big Ones interview with James [extended version] | Ticket Outta Loserville performance

Ministry Of Mayhem - 29th October 2005:
Pre-show intro | Intro | Ram Ray | Chat | Compete for introduction | Name That Tone | In The Lab | Ticket Outta Loserville performance/short chat | Say Goodbye


Two more coming soon from Free At The Dee!
My videos from Free At The Dee:
Soundcheck part 1
Soundcheck part 2
Soundcheck part 3
Soundcheck part 4

Half of Ticket Outta Loserville at Liverpool PITP [recorded by Kerry]
(alternative link: here)
Ticket Outta Loserville at Oxford PITP [recorded by Chris]

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CBBC webchat, in .rm (Real Player) format.